Citadel Security Forces: The Best Robotic Security System in Katy

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Imagine a society where kids go to school and worry about their algebra tests rather than a potential school shooting. A community where women can leave their homes and offices late without worrying about thieves and abductors. A city where entrepreneurs can start a company and feel 100% safe in their new facilities. 

Introducing to you: Citadel Security Forces.

In a world where safety and security are paramount concerns, Citadel Security Forces emerges as a game-changer, offering state-of-the-art robotic security solutions. Founded last December by Aaron Coker, an Army veteran, Citadel Security Forces aims to make a positive impact on society by leveraging cutting-edge technology to protect people and prevent potential threats. With a focus on providing efficient, affordable, and reliable security services, Citadel Security Forces is set to redefine the security industry in Katy, Texas.

The Best Robotic Security Solutions in Katy:

ROAMEO: A mobile robot that maps property patrol sites, plans and executes routes, avoids obstacles (i.e., people, trees, power posts), and collects and apply data to further optimize for precision and efficiency.

As artificial intelligence takes the world by storm, Citadel Security Forces stands at the forefront, harnessing its power to revolutionize the security industry in Katy, TX. Citadel Security Forces offers an array of advanced robotic security solutions including Roameo, a mobile officer, and static options Ava and Rosa. These robots enhance safety by actively monitoring and scanning premises, instantly alarming security personnel upon detecting potential threats and suspicious behavior. With Roameo’s mobility and advanced features, and Ava and Rosa’s ability to identify and alarm security personnel, campuses, churches, and other venues can significantly improve their security measures and create a safer environment for all. Citadel Security Forces’ technology creates a more effective and efficient frontline, helping to detect and prevent harm. Moreover, one of the notable features of Citadel Security Forces’ robots is their ability to detect firearms, making them an excellent choice for schools and other institutions concerned about safety.

AVA3X: a compact mountable unit that provides an edge-to-edge 180° field of vision with advanced access control over gates and other controlled points of entry.

The Success Story:

Although a relatively new player in the industry, Citadel Security Forces has already made significant strides since its inception. With a focus on sales during the initial phase, the company has achieved impressive results in just three months of operation. The demand for robotic security solutions is growing rapidly, as organizations realize the limitations and inefficiencies of traditional unarmed security guards. Citadel Security Forces has positioned itself as a key player in this emerging market, providing innovative and cost-effective alternatives. 

Our Target Market:

Citadel Security Forces appeals primarily to businesses and organizations that currently rely on security personnel. The company aims to bridge the gap in security services by offering superior and more affordable robotic solutions. By utilizing advanced technology, Citadel Security Forces adds another layer of protection for large facilities by effectively detecting firearms or any dangerous weapons from a distance, ensuring comprehensive security measures. This B2B approach ensures that various organizations, such as schools, offices, hospitals, shopping centers, and more, can benefit from the advanced technology provided by Citadel Security Forces.

Aaron’s Vision and Motivation:

The driving force behind Citadel Security Forces is Aaron Coker, a native Houstonian with a deep sense of duty and a desire to protect his community. After serving in the Army for five years, including a deployment to Iraq, Aaron experienced the profound impact of security concerns firsthand. Determined to make a positive change, he created Citadel Security Forces, a robotic security systems provider dedicated to ensuring safety inside every community. What sets Citadel Security Forces apart from its competitors is its unwavering commitment to saving lives and prioritizing societal well-being. Aaron’s genuine concern for the safety of the Katy community resonates throughout the company’s operations. By partnering with RAD, a manufacturer that shares similar values, Citadel Security Forces ensures that its solutions align with its mission. While many conversations with manufacturers revolve around profit, Aaron’s collaboration with RAD has focused on community safety, demonstrating a unique approach within the industry.

ROSA3X: A security supplemental device that includes critical autonomous responses to help simulate security personnel actions

All in all, Citadel Security Forces is a pioneering company that leverages AI-powered robotic solutions to provide superior security services in Katy, Texas. By combining cutting-edge technology with a genuine commitment to community safety, Citadel Security Forces establishes itself as the leader in revolutionizing security measures. With their advanced AI-powered robotic solutions, such as Roameo, Ava, and Rosa, Citadel Security Forces offers unmatched surveillance capabilities, immediate alarm systems, and reliable protection for campuses, churches, and various venues. By prioritizing both innovation and community well-being, Citadel Security Forces sets a new standard in security services, ensuring a safer and more secure environment in Katy, the greater Houston, and beyond.

For more information on Citadel Security Forces, please visit or contact Aaron Coker at (281)-944-8144.

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