Katy Pokegarden: The Ultimate Pokémon Trading Store

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By Dave

Welcome to Katy Pokegarden, where safe trading, exclusive subscriptions, and dreams of a mobile Pokémon van come together to ignite the passion of young trainers! Meet Brendan, an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for kids and Pokémon. His family’s brainchild, Katy Pokegarden, is not your typical trading card store. It’s a boutique Pokémon trading store with a twist, aiming to create safe and educational environments for kids to learn, trade, and play Pokémon.

Brendan’s journey with Katy Pokegarden began as a hobby, where he found joy in spending time with kids and using Pokémon as a means of bonding. He saw an opportunity to not only teach kids about entrepreneurship and work ethic but also to do something meaningful for the community. 

Growing with Community Support

Since its inception in November 2022, Katy Pokegarden has steadily grown, thanks to the unwavering support of the local community. The store has established valuable partnerships with community venues, enabling them to host numerous events in and around Katy. What began as a monthly event has now flourished into 10-12 events during the fall season. Katy Pokegarden is no longer limited to Katy alone, with plans to extend their reach to neighboring towns, starting with their inaugural event in Cypress.

New Offerings that Delight

Katy Pokegarden provides a range of offerings designed to thrill and engage Pokémon enthusiasts of all ages. Their events primarily revolve around exciting battles and trades with attractive prizes for kids to enjoy.

For families seeking exclusive Pokémon experiences, Katy Pokegarden offers a unique subscription membership. This service delivers high-quality Pokémon cards directly to their doorstep every month. As a member, kids become part of an exclusive club, eligible to participate in captivating drawings.

Members of Katy Pokegarden’s subscription service also gain access to an exclusive email list. This perk grants them limited-time discounts of up to 50-60% on brand new Pokémon products while supplies last. 

The Vision: A Mobile Pokemon Dream Store

Brendan’s dream for Katy Pokegarden reaches beyond the store’s physical location. He envisions acquiring a VW van and converting its interior into a mobile Pokémon store. This dream van will serve as a means to reach more kids across the community and bring the joy of Pokémon to their doorsteps. To realize the dream of the mobile Pokémon van and expand their outreach efforts, Katy Pokegarden encourages the community to support their cause by becoming members. By doing so, they not only contribute to the realization of the van but also gain access to better distributor prices for Pokémon cards.

Spreading Joy and Creating Blessings

Katy Pokegarden is more than just a trading card Pokemon store; it’s a haven for kids to learn, play, and grow. Brendan’s commitment to using his business as a means of blessing the community and fostering a sense of camaraderie shines through in every aspect of Katy Pokegarden’s journey. By getting a membership, the community can actively take part in empowering kids and making their Pokémon dreams come true.

For more information on Katy Pokegarden, please visit the Katy Pokegarden website at www.katypokegarden.com, or contact Brendan at 281-546-3767.

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