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Are you searching for a welcoming and vibrant church community that’s deeply rooted in prayer and committed to making a positive impact on both its local and global communities? Look no further than Grace Fellowship Church in Katy, TX!

A Rich History and Expanding Vision

Founded in September 1996 by Senior Pastor Jim Leggett, Grace Fellowship Church is about to celebrate its 28th anniversary. From its beginnings with 500-600 attendees at the first event, the church has grown into a thriving congregation that embraces people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life.

A House of Prayer for All Nations

At Grace Fellowship, the core values are evident in their “House, Prayer, and Nations” philosophy. The church places significant emphasis on prayer, with vibrant prayer ministries engaging in 24/7 prayer sessions. This commitment to prayer fuels their mission to reach out to those considered unreachable, focusing particularly on Unreached People Groups (UPGs). The church has adopted six UPGs, with an inspiring lifetime goal of adopting ten.

Ministries for All Ages and Groups

Grace Fellowship Church caters to the spiritual needs of every age group. For children, there are engaging programs on Sundays from birth to 5th grade, fostering a love for God, the Bible, and sharing their faith. Throughout the year, there are various events, including a VBS in June, that provide a nurturing environment for young hearts to grow in their faith.

Students find a sense of belonging and purpose in the Worship Band, with Sunday evening services and small groups that create tight-knit communities. The church encourages mission trips during the summer, allowing students to live out their faith in a tangible and transformative way.

Adults have a plethora of opportunities for growth and fellowship. Men and women can join Bible studies on Tuesday mornings and evenings, as well as join classes like Financial Peace, Parenting with Grace, and Marriage Matters. Young moms and their preschoolers can participate in the enriching ibloom program. Mentor moms pour into young mothers, fostering a strong sense of community and support.

Events and Outreach

Grace Fellowship Church hosts a variety of events throughout the year, enriching the spiritual life of the community. Students can enjoy nights of worship and exciting gatherings like “revive” and “excursion.” Adults can participate in Bible studies and small groups, fostering deeper connections with fellow believers.

A significant highlight of the church’s outreach efforts is the “Church Has Left the Building”. Sunday services are canceled and the church goes out into the community to serve and give back to those in need.

Our Mission

Grace Fellowship Church’s mission is to make disciples who, in turn, make more disciples. The church is passionate about fostering three essential aspects in every disciple’s heart:

1. House: Embracing the “Great Exchange,” growing to be more like Jesus, and nurturing new life in Christ.
2. Prayer: Fulfilling the “Great Commandment,” loving God, and engaging in genuine worship and communication with God.
3. Nations: Carrying out the “Great Commission,” loving others, sharing faith, and reaching out to unreached people groups with acts of kindness and support.

Your Church in Katy, TX

Grace Fellowship Church is a place where you can feel welcomed and embraced, hear God’s word, and experience the power of prayer. Their focus on outward community support, such as their garden of love and grace, exemplifies their commitment to making a positive difference in Katy and beyond.

Whether you’re seeking a spiritual home, a place to connect with like-minded individuals, or a community dedicated to serving others, Grace Fellowship Church in Katy, Texas, is the place for you. Join them in their mission of love, prayer, and outreach, and together, let’s make this world a better place, one disciple at a time.

For more information, please visit the Grace Fellowship Church website at or visit their 2 locations on Sundays at 8:45AM or 10:45 AM!

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